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Building a house in the south can avoid the harsh sunlight from the east in the morning and afternoon, and also avoid the hot wind from the west or the cold wind from the west. North is coming. Accordingly, the house located in the south will make full use of sunlight, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Here are 3 main reasons to choose and build a house facing south.

Based on the hot real estate situation, investors are not afraid to launch more mini apartment projects, high-rise buildings to take advantage of the opportunity to sell at attractive prices, attracting a large number of customers. in high demand.

Cheap apartments in the suburban districts have a strong "outbreak"

The wave of extremely cheap apartments is massively selling in Ho Chi Minh City, almost all the super cheap apartment projects in Saigon are located very far from the center, located in the suburban districts like Tan Phu. , Binh Tan, District 12, Go Vap. This location requires traffic infrastructure to be perfectly connected to shorten the travel distance to the inner city area.

In locations far from the city center, there are many cheap apartments for low-income people, the more opportunities to buy a house. However, customers should not pay too much attention to the cheap price, but should pay more attention to the prestige and name of the investor as well as the quality and progress of the project.

Besides, with cheap apartments like this, there is also a need for additional investment support from the state because the market lacks cheap commercial housing areas that are planned according to standards: roads, services. health, education, entertainment ... closed the whole area. If this can be done, cheap apartments, despite being located far from the central area, will still ensure convenience for residents' activities and the liquidity of this segment will also increase sharply, people will invest in buying more. and build great trust.